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Why On Earth Would You Not Recycle?

April 22nd... Earth Day. Are you celebrating?

We are.

Our beautiful Earth is worth celebrating and chatting about.

Don't you think?

It takes us all doing our part.

We are created to be good stewards of the creation God gave us. We believe that means being mindful of the impact we have on the Earth. And so, we place that value deep in our hearts and instill it in our lives.

Our cups are made of recycled materials

We make all efforts to keep our facility as earth friendly as possible. The cups the ice cream are served in is made from 35% post consumer recycled fibers. We are very proud of the quality of our cups and the fact that they are made with our beautiful Earth in mind.

Our spoons are made of hard plastic, meant to be taken home and reused over and over...

Okay, so not only can our spoons be taken home and reused over and over but you can put them in the DISHWASHER. They become a staple in your household for the kids and yourself. The plastic changes COLORS when used in anything cold (cereal, applesauce, cottage cheese, ICE CREAM). This makes them exciting and fun to reuse!

We use plastic tubs in our scoop shops so they can be washed and reused

When we produce our ice cream, it is placed in plastic tubs. Plastic tubs that we can scoop the ice cream straight out of, clean, and reuse. We are not moving our ice cream from container to container and creating waste. We are not throwing away our containers. They are washed and reused, indefinitely, to keep up with your demand of our scrumptious ice cream!


Reusable (and cute) Tumblers

Are you just here for the milkshakes or floats? Hey, no problem. Grab a tumbler and bring it back each time. Not only will you help us eliminate the use of our cups but you will receive a 10% discount! WHAAAT?!

We recycle all cardboard coming into our factory

All materials and supplies that come in boxes to our factory are broken down, loaded up and taken to our nearest cardboard recycling location. Do you know where your nearest recycling bin is? Google it!


"He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and the vegetation for the service of man, that he may bring forth food from the Earth" Psalm 104:14


Recycle as many things coming in and out of your home as possible

  • plastics - bottles, jars, jugs, and tubs

  • cardboard - amazon boxes, Ice Cream Factory boxes, pizza boxes

  • paper - recycle or reuse (kids scratch paper, make your own paper)

  • metals - tin, aluminum, steel (even empty aerosol cans)

  • spoiled food items - donate your waste for animal feed or compost

Replace plastic bags for reusable Fabric bags

There are SO many cute and sustainable options out there, why have you not stocked up on a few yet?

Purchase glass jars, when possible, and reuse or recycle

Purposely buy glass jars when possible and reuse them to store your leftovers or loose items like buttons and beads around your home.

Recycle old clothing

  • Donate to your local thrift store

  • Donate towels to your local animal shelter

  • Find a local Quilt maker and contribute to their fabric collection

  • Research natural fibers and use those for compost!


And hey, while you are thinking about being mindful of our Earth and all things in it, go ahead and... Thank a farmer.

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