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Meet The Family

Shannon Imler


Father, Husband, and Entrepreneur.  His favorite movie is Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, so is it any surprise that he built the Ice Cream Factory to the place its in today?! Shannon aspires to rival the greats in the ice cream industry, and he's well on his way! So, grab a seat and watch the sweet magic unfold!


Harrison Imler.png


Son and Heart, of Shannon
& Katie, Harrison is a little boy who loves all things fun, outside, and of cream. Bonus? Your ice cream holds a key ingredient of his giggles that echo throughout the Ice Cream Factory Headquarters!

Harrison's Fave

Katie Imler_edited_edited.png


A mom, wife, and creative entrepreneur at heart, Katie is a marketing master and heart of Ice Cream Factory designs and creativity. She's also the visionary behind the signature industrial look of all Ice Cream Factory Locations.


Cake Batter Ice Cream Factory
Untitled design (78).png


Second son of Shannon & Katie and newest addition to Ice Cream Factory, Vincent is the best baby who brings a smile to the faces of our team and our customers.
Right now, only one thing is for sure- he loves Milk.

Vincent's fav

How Ice Cream Factory began...

Ice Cream Factory began in Eldon, Missouri when the husband and wife team, Shannon & Katie Imler, embarked on a new and extraordinary ice cream adventure. Now, with their son Harrison, by their side, they've honed and dedicated themselves to the art of making the industry's best ice cream. Dedicated to always growing and improving their ingredients, creamy quality, and inventive flavors.  


When it comes to Shannon & Katie, hard work , determination, & persistence have been instilled from an early age, with each of them being raised on their own family farms. Now they've taken their work ethic and combined it beautifully with the mission to create an experience of flavors that reflect the nostalgia of sweet summers and holidays that are bound to bring you home, warm your heart, and create more memories.


These core values have enabled lce Cream Factory to become a family favorite for generations to come.

Since Shannon and Katie Imler grew up on farms, but had a hobby of buying old properties in their home town and refurbishing them. When they stumbled onto a 1930’s Kraft Foods Factory that was beautiful and had much of the original architecture, they knew that it was meant to be a dairy plant. 

That was when their idea of an ice cream shop came into play. They started out experimenting with a hand crank machine and eventually bought one small Emery Thompson batch freezer. 

They opened their first scoop shop in Eldon, Mo, after having their son, Harrison in February.  On April 5 2019, with 16 flavors, they quickly expanded by wholesaling some of the flavors to other local scoop shops. 

It was in February 29, 2020, that they opened their second scoop shop in Jefferson City, MO after completely remodeling an old gas station into the cutest ice cream hang out. 

By then, they were hand making 30+ flavors! 

They have hundreds of retail stores in the central United States, including grocery stores, coffee shops, scoop shops, bakeries, and more!

At Ice Cream Factory, we take pride in providing a place and experience for families to create the perfect memories. We know how important it is for families to spend time together, and we think it's easy to come together around ice cream. 


We want to be there from your first date, to your wedding, to your baby shower, your child’s 16th birthday, your retirement, and every moment & memory in between.

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