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ICF Bakery: Inside Views

What sets Ice Cream Factory apart? We will show you.

Not only is our ice cream made by hand, in small batches, but the inclusions are scratch made as well.

Our bakery is a special place, with the industrial vibe and amazing natural light, were all of our Gooey Butter Cakes, Cookie Dough Pieces, Cookies, Brownies, Graham Crackers, Cobbler Pieces, Sugar Cookies, and much more are made.

But not only do they make scratch baked goods. They candy nuts, they make pizzas for our employee dinners, and they assist in all experimentation of new ice cream flavors.

No matter what department you enter at Ice Cream Factory, you will be met with a SMILE. We strive to be the happiest place to work. Because when we make ice cream with a smile, we make better ice cream.


How do we come up with our recipes?

Megan, our Plant Manager, and Aliyah, our Bakery Manager have many years of experience baking. They use their family's recipes, along with their experience, and a trial and error process to bake the BEST goods for you.

The contribution our bakers make to our scrumptious ice cream should never be downplayed.

They CAKE our ICE CREAM to the next LEVEL. Their handmade goodies melt in your mouth and leave you craving more. If only you could smell the aroma of our bakery, you would be rushing to your nearest retailer for some ice cream. ++ Think cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, butter, and all the yummy of Grandma's Kitchen.

What is your secret ingredient?

Are you sure that you are ready this?... Our secret ingredient is PASSION. Passion for baking. Passion for creativity.

Passion for excellence.

Passion to better ourselves. Passion to better our ice cream.

Passion for each other. Passion for our customers.

Do your baked goods become mushy in the ice cream?

No! Our skilled bakers have the extra challenge of creating baked goods that retain their amazing texture, even after being added to ice cream and frozen.

In our scoop shops, we even offer snack size Gooey Butter Cakes, Brownies, and Cookies as options in our Sundaes.

Can we watch Ice Cream Factory's bakers work their magic?

You actually can! Our Eldon Scoop Shop is attached to our current bakery, while sitting our on the patio, you can look through the glass doors and see them making your favorite baked good!

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