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Preserving Dairy History : Our New Manufacturing Facility

Ben C. Anderson, a chemist for Producers Creamery Co. is photographed here in the 1950's working at our Lebanon, Mo facility.

The diary industry has changed a bit since the 1950's but our new (to us) location still stands strong and ready for many more years of dairy manufacturing.

The yellow brick aesthetic, the history of supporting local farmers, and the thought-out layout make this old building the prime location for Ice Cream Factory,

At Ice Cream Factory, we care about the history and look forward to the future. We are in awe of the amazing memorabilia, as well as personal accounts of events that have happened here. The local community has been amazing when it comes to supporting us and sharing the memories of previous, successful, years with us.

This newspaper clipping was given to us recently and we find it fascinating. We are making the same commitment. 100 years +++ of amazing ice cream made by our family from local farmers, and shipped to local retailers for your family to indulge. We 100% believe that great memories are made and celebrated around a delicious treat. There isn't a more delicious treat than high butterfat ice cream, made with handmade inclusions.

The smoke stack may be gone, but the water tower is standing! We hope to refurbish and paint it eventually.

The 86,000 square foot manufacturing facility has been painted on the exterior and a mural has been added to the front, stating the Ice Cream Factory Values ; People, Passion, Persistence.

Oh, and cool fact for the day... During renovation we stumbled upon a vintage ice cream vending machine. It is now being restored, too. Maybe the future for ICF?? Hm...

We are thrilled to continue to share the renovation progress that means the world to our family, the families of those who work for ICF, and those who love to eat Ice Cream Factory ice cream. Summer 2023 cannot come quick enough.

Will you be able to visit us in person? Or are you one who ships our ice cream across country, to your doorstep, because you love ICF that much? EITHER WAY ; WE LOVE YOU.

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