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Is It Safe To Say?

If you have been following us on Facebook, you know that our new Production Plant has a safe that HAS NOT BEEN OPENED IN DECADES.

And you have probably been wondering "What The Heck Was In The Safe?" RIGHT?! If you aren't following us on Facebook, why not? We would really love for you to join the FUN over there. It is where we share the most insider information. :)

Walking by this safe every day was eating us alive.. Our imaginations were going wild. Some of our followers predicted what we may find...

Luckily, someone who worked there years and years ago reached out to us and said they still had a code. They stopped by and gave it a try but the safe door was jammed. An attempt failed... But we were still hopeful! It took several attempts to get the creaky old safe opened. But with the help of a locksmith, the right lubricants and some good luck, THE SAFE WAS OPENED.

And inside, we found...

No money, no gold, no secret recipes, milk crates... Dust, for sure. We are sorry to let you down. But the fun was fun while it lasted :) And who knows what other cool things we may find during the renovation. Click this button to stay in the loop!

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