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The FULL ICF Experience

You've heard of Ice Cream Factory. You've read that it was started by a young family with a dream.
Maybe you have even seen Ice Cream Factory on your grocery store shelf.

If you have seen our ice cream on the shelf, we are hopeful you have snatched it up.

If you have grabbed one of our flavors, you probably have a new "favorite" ice cream flavor!

(and, we are SO thankful for you!!)

But, maybe you want more.

You want more than the 12 flavors in your local grocery store.


Hey, we've got you.


We currently have two company owned scoop shops that have TONS of flavors that grocery stores haven't even seen, yet.

We even have "Seasonal" and "Experimental" flavors that are being tested to see if they are loved enough to make it to the grocery store shelf.

Some of those being "tested" right now are : Dark Chocolate Coconut : A dairy free, gluten free, NSA flavor! Apple Pie : the best twist of a traditional dessert
Pistachio : a delicious, nutty green ice cream
Cinnabun : A cream cheese ice cream, with a cinnamon swirl and honey buns
Bubblegum : the classic flavor of any childhood Lemon Poppyseed : A dairy free, vegan option

oh, and one of the best parts... Freshly Made Waffle Cones!

Come Visit Us!

701 Madison St. Jefferson City, MO 65101

3 S Mill St. Eldon, Mo 65026

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