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Find a Retailer Near You

When Ozarkland approached us in Summer of 2019 about reselling our ice cream in their amazing stores, we contemplated if this was the direction that we wanted to direct our business.

We were unsure at first, but decided to give it a try and we are forever thankful that they created the idea of this opportunity for themselves and the 1,000 other businesses like them. Because of this, if you are not located near one of our two company-owned scoop shops, you can still find and indulge in our homemade ice cream! To find a scoop shop or grocery store near you, visit our interactive map, input your zip code, and GET IN YOUR CAR. :)

On the map, it will indicate if the location nearest to you sells our ice cream by the scoop or in our prepackaged containers. Scoop shops are a wonderful way to celebrate a life event, go on a date, and spend quality time with someone you love. Grabbing a container of ice cream to go allows you to sit comfortably on your own couch, with your pajamas on, while watching your favorite Netflix show. By knowing all your nearest locations, you can choose which you visit depending on your mood... (We know you need options <3 )


Of course to get the full "Factory Experience", we encourage you to make the trip to one of our company-owned, chic and industrial, full of happy, scoop shops.

Our two scoop shops are located at : 701 Madison St. Jefferson City, Mo 65101 3 S Mill St. Eldon, Mo 65026 And another is coming VERY soon to Lebanon, Mo. Check that out by clicking here.


And.. If you cannot find a retailer near you, HOLD TIGHT. We are growing very quickly and promise to be close to you, soon! BUT FOR NOW...


We are so thankful to have so many wonderful businesses as apart of our Ice Cream Factory Family, serving our handmade ice cream to each of the customers that they love. If you are interested in showing your customers love by sharing incredible ice cream... If you want to elevate your business to the next level... If you want to be apart of our ever-growing family... Become a Wholesaler...

Be the first to know when Franchise opportunities become available...



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