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Ground Breaking In Lebanon, Mo

Construction has officially begun on our 86,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Mo and it is beginning to look amazing. We are thrilled to begin this exciting journey.

We were absolutely honored and privileged that the State of Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, was in attendance and bragged on our Gooey Butter Cake ice cream. He mentioned he was in present to the event in multiple fashions - as the Governor in support of Small Businesses and as a Customer.


**Clip by, read their article about the event --> My Ozarks Online Article

The City of Lebanon orchestrated this beautiful event for us and it was one of the most very special days so far in our existence. They have been absolutely incredible and accommodating!

Not only those working for the City, but the entire community of Lebanon has been so kind and excited to have delicious ice cream at their fingertips. We have had people reach out on social media, stop by, and catch us in the grocery store to let us know how thrilled they are for Ice Cream Factory to be a staple in their community. (I mean, can you blame them??)

This expansion will house an ice cream production floor, a bakery floor, and a scoop shop to serve the community face to face. It will bring 130 jobs to the Lebanon area and support many small farmers, as well.

But, we know you aren't all local to us in Missouri. So here is how everyone benefits... Ice Cream Factory will be able to produce 6 times more ice cream, providing the same amazing quality. We will be able to obtain and provide more and more locations with our ice cream! If we are not in a store near you yet, WE WILL BE SOON. If you aren't sure where to find us ---> LOOK HERE

If you would like to submit your grocery store ---> LET US KNOW

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. 🍦 Thank you to each and every one of you who are buying our ice cream, supporting our dream by telling your friends, and sharing our post online and thank you to the City of Lebanon and the State of Missouri. We love you all.

And don't forget,

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 14, 2023

I love their ice cream I got so many favorites. 🙂

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