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Let's Clear The Air.

We get lots of questions like : "Where can I buy your ice cream?" "Where are your scoop shops?" "Where are you located?" "Do you ship your ice cream?" "Can I resell your ice cream?" "How do I become a retailer?" "How do you deliver to my business?" "How do I reorder?" Let's just clear the air. We will answer these questions for you all :) But hey, we love questions, so if you have more, just ask!


First, can we explain that we only currently have two company owned scoop shops. One is at our present Factory in Eldon, Mo, where you can peak in the windows to our bakery! The other scoop shop is in Jefferson City, Mo.

There are other scoop shops who scoop and sell our ice cream. And, there are other retailers who sell our packaged ice cream. We call these guys "retailers" or "wholesalers" Our ice cream is sold in over 2,000 combined retail locations!

Curious about why we pivoted from serving by the scoop to selling containers?


The Answers

"Where can I buy your ice cream?"

Our ice cream is sold in many retailers in the Central United States. We are now in 17 states and growing quickly. The EASIEST way to find your nearest retailer is to plug in your zip code into our interactive map and search the area near you.


"Where are your scoop shops?"

Our two company owned scoop shops are located at :

3 S Mill St. Eldon, Mo 701 Madison St. Jefferson City, Mo


"Where are you located?"

Our factory is currently in Eldon, Missouri. We are renovating a much larger manufacturing plant in Lebanon, Mo and hope to be in it by the end of 2023.

But, don't forget, we are readily available in many locations all over the Central US.


"Do you ship your ice cream?"

We have Nationwide Shipping for our end consumers! This is a service that mails you our ice cream to your doorstep! Currently, we have our Favorites Pack available but a customizable pack will soon be an option :)

**We cannot ship our ice cream, at this time, for our wholesale accounts.


"Can I resell your ice cream?"

If you have a legal business with a business license and are in already established territory of ours, you can sell our ice cream! Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Coffee Shops, Boutiques, Antique Malls, we are not picky about what type of business you operate. We want to chat more about how you can make your CUSTOMERS HAPPY!


"How do I become a retailer?"

It's honestly the most simple process. Fill out the form on our website to show your interest. We will reach out to you as soon as we can with details about pricing, profit margins, delivery, etc.

If you're smart, you'll say "I'm Ready To Sell ICF" and we will set up your delivery. (Did you know you could be eligible for our free freezer program?)


"How do you deliver to my business?"

We have a network of options. Depending on where you are located, you could be on our DSD route OR we work with a network of distributors that can service your location. If you are set up with a distributor, we are always here with our Customer Success team to walk next to you and help whenever needed.


"How do I reorder?"

When you sign up to retail our product, you are assigned a Customer Success Rep who should reach out to you very early in the process. This is usually via email. They can help you place an order :) If you cannot find their contact details, fill out our contact form on the website or Facebook message us!


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