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Dairy-Free Coconut Almond Paradise

HUGE NEWS! After many, many requests from our DAIRY-FREE friends... We officially have a DAIRY-FREE flavor that is available to everyone. Previously, we only had DAIRY-FREE in our scoop shops, but times have changed for the better and this flavor will be available to anyone who carries our ice cream! Our Coconut Almond Paradise is now better than ever and DAIRY-FREE.

Now made with Coconut Milk, the coconut flavor is stronger and the ice cream is even better. Inside the coconut milk ice cream, there are almonds and chocolate covered coconut flakes throughout each bite. We cannot wait for you to try this flavor and be blown away be the texture. It's phenomenal!

When buying Coconut Almond Paradise, please check your container for the "Dairy-Free" and "Made From Coconut Milk" symbols, as our previous Coconut Almond Paradise was not dairy-free.


If you are a scoop shop customer of ours, you may have other DAIRY-FREE options! BLACK HAWAII

A water-based, dark chocolate coconut ice cream with a smooth texture. You will feel like you are on the beach, eating a special treat, with this cone in hand.

Lemon Poppy Seed

A creamy and refreshing lemon flavored ice cream with the infamous poppy seed sprinkled throughout.

At times, you may even find other DAIRY-FREE flavors in our scoop shops that we are experimenting with!


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