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Co-Packing now Available at Ice Cream Factory’s State of the Art Manufacturing Facility!

Yellow and brown hued Ice cream in pints

Are you interested in starting an ice cream business but don't know where to begin? Or perhaps you already have an ice cream business and are struggling with production and packaging.

If so, co-packing and private labeling might be the perfect solutions for you.  

These options will take your business to the next level without much investment from you! 

What Is Co-Packing and Private Label?

Co-packing allows you to bring your own recipes and ideas to life. But what exactly are the advantages of co-packing and private labeling? 

Ice cream flavors in pint containers

Co-packing helps you save on costs by eliminating the need for investing in your own expensive packaging machinery and facilities. It lowers labor costs and overheads, making your operations more efficient. You can scale production up or down based on demand without significant investments, and you gain access to specialized expertise that can improve your product quality. This allows you to focus on what you do best, such as developing new products and marketing, while leaving the packaging to the pros.

The best part? It speeds up production, getting your products to market faster and allowing you to respond quickly to market changes. 
cobalt cookie ice cream

Private labeling, on the other hand, lets you offer unique products exclusive to your brand, which can build customer loyalty. It usually means higher profit margins and better control over production costs and pricing. You can customize products to meet your market's specific needs and maintain full control over branding and marketing. This flexibility enables you to quickly adapt to trends and launch innovative products that keep you ahead of the competition.

Additionally, dealing directly with manufacturers simplifies your supply chain and ensures consistent product quality. 

You'll save on costs and scale efficiently with co-packing, while private labeling helps you stand out and earn higher margins. This approach optimizes your resources, maintains high product quality, and lets you quickly seize market opportunities, setting your business up for greater success! 

Sounds awesome, right? 

And the good news is we at the Ice Cream Factory are now offering these services! 

state of the art co-packing equipment

So why are we offering it?  

Our Mission is to Spread Happiness To The World Through High Quality Ice Cream.  By helping others create the ice cream of their dreams, we can spread happiness to many more people. 

You may ask, why should you trust your brand to us? 

We at the Ice Cream Factory are known for the quality of our products and services. In fact, eight of our flavors recently beat the top three ice cream brands in overall testing! 

Other than that, here are seven more reasons to entrust your brand to us: 

1. We have extensive line time available and advanced equipment to save on manufacturing costs, increase production, and expand your market reach without significant capital investment. 

2. Situated in the heart of the USA, our location offers strategic advantages for your brand. Being centrally located means streamlined distribution and quicker access to markets nationwide. 

3. Partnering with top ingredient suppliers enables us to significantly reduce your cost of goods, maximizing your profitability without compromising on quality. 

4. We make top-notch products with the care of a small business and the dedication of a professional team. 

5. Our dedicated team provides personalized support every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience from concept to delivery. 

6. We offer frozen pallet storage and ambient storage for all your supply needs. 

7. Certified by SQF and FDA, our facility guarantees the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. 

Start Your Ice Cream Business with Us!

ice cream flavors

Starting an ice cream business or any food business can be a smart and profitable move—if you do it right. It requires time, creativity, innovative thinking, careful strategic planning, and ample resources. However, when done right, the returns are significant — not only financially but also in the lives you've touched through your business, leading to a sense of fulfillment that no money can buy. 

Therefore, you need to partner with people who are experts in what they do, put love into their work, and have integrity. At the Ice Cream Factory, we confidently say we have all that. 

But the choice is yours. 

Together, let's make this world sweeter. Start your ice cream business and grow with us!  

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