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It's A Miracle... Jefferson City Turns 3!

Why is it a miracle this location turned 3?

Obviously, we celebrated ICF2's birthday with lots of ice cream.

But, here's the story...
The "before" of 701 Madison St. Jefferson City, Mo
The "before" of 701 Madison St. Jefferson City, Mo
3.5 years ago, we bought a run-down service station as our 2nd location and began a large-scale remodel.

The building turned out beautiful, we had freezers full of ice cream, and more excitement than we knew what to do with!
The "after" of 701 Madison St. Jefferson City, Mo. Now Ice Cream Factory
Opening day and the few weeks that followed were a huge success.

Having no idea a global pandemic would knock out all our foot traffic just a month later. Covid-19 changed our business model forever. We thought this would be just the 2nd of many Ice Cream Factory locations, but once Covid hit, we had to brainstorm ways to keep our employees employed, our bills paid, and not waste all the ice cream in our freezers.

Shannon Imler, owner, delivering ice cream.
Shannon Imler, owner, delivering ice cream.

Immediately, we began offering free delivery. And while this worked for a bit, it still was not the fix that we needed.

So, we pivoted.

We began packaging our ice cream into personal sized containers and we hit the road, driving from grocery store to grocery store literally begging them to put our ice cream on their shelves.
Ice Cream Factory's Original Container Packaging
Our Original Container Packaging
Because grocery stores were also having a tough time getting their hands on products, a lot of them agreed. We hand scooped every container for months and months. A labor of love.

And now, our business model includes over 2,000 retail locations who sell our family's ice cream. It's still kind of unbelievable. Some of our large name retails include :
Large Name Retailers Carrying Ice Cream Factory
But, we are also thankful for all the convenience stores, coffee shops, boutiques, and mom and pop shops that stock our ice cream!
And as far as our Jefferson City location goes... We have met some of the coolest people, Governor Mike Parson visits and order Gooey Butter Cake, and we make people HAPPY by serving ice cream.

Our ice cream journey has been a journey, but we are here for it!

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