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Valentine's Day Gift Guide For The Ice Cream Lovers In Your Life

I'm Coconuts About You

This flavor screams "I'm Coconuts About You". Coconut Almond Paradise is perfect for a new relationship or a relationship with lots of excitement. If you want your significant other to know you are still crazy about them - this is the ice cream to gift for Valentine's Day.

I Can't CAKE My Eyes Off Of You

Giving Cake Batter Ice Cream to someone you have had your eyes on for the last few weeks will let them know you are interested while simultaneously showing them you have superior taste. (Weeks or days or months- just maybe don't include how long, that would be creepy)

You're My Butter Half

Your spouse deserves our Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream. Not only are they your BUTTER half, but they probably also make your heart GOOEY. Make sure you tell them how much you love them.

Without you, I would Crumble

Cobalt Cookie is THE ice cream to gift someone who keeps your life together. Your mom, your best friend, your grandma, etc. You will make their day by showing them how important they are to you.

You're The BERRY Best

Gifting Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream is gifting the reminder that you have the best people in your life. Strawberry Cheesecake is a great gift for a coworker, daycare workers, teachers, policeman, or just someone who makes a great impact in your life.

I'm Berry Happy We Made It This Far

Hear me out- that person in your life that you have just known forever. Maybe they aren't family or a best friend, but they are a constant in your life that you know you could call if you needed to. Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream shows you appreciate their presence.

Don't Be A Downie, Eat The Brownie

Cheer up a good friend by showing up at their doorstep with Brownie Blast. It's the perfect flavor for the friend who needs an extra dose of happiness. The scratch-made brownies show the detail you put into gifting them this ice cream.

You're A-DOUGH-able

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is the flavor for your kiddo, your niece or nephew, or your favorite little friend who deserves a special Valentine's Day treat. They will feel so special knowing you gifted them ice cream with handmade cookie dough pieces, made with love.

Here's A Little Encourage-MINT

Encourage the person in your life who is doing the right thing, the person who is persevering in the face of a trial, or the person who could use a self-esteem boost. And our Extreme Mint is a must try because it recently received an upgrade with a delicious fudge ribbon.

I'm Nuts About You

Who are you extremely enthusiastic about? Tell them you are NUTTY about them while sharing a container of Peanut Butter Blast with them.

Showing you care is easy!

Have your ice cream shipped to their DOORSTEP!

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Unknown member
Feb 12, 2023

I would love to try your products!

Is there a location in Nashville, Tennessee

If not please bring it to our city


Unknown member
Feb 09, 2023

I would like to try this ice


Unknown member
Feb 09, 2023

I've seen this ice cream at HyVee in Kirksville Mo. And would Love to try it but it's too expensive..

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