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Biggest Flavor Flops

#5 Chocolate Covered Potato chip

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, Salty Caramel Swirls, And Vanilla Ice Cream Make Up Our POTATO CHIP Premium Ice Cream.

#4 Maple Bacon

Breakfast & Dessert All In One With Real Bacon Chunks & Creamy, Sweet Maple Ice Cream.

#3 Energy Drink

Combing A Sweet Treat With The Twist Of Some Extra Energy.

(So bad there were no pictures...)

#2 Pizza

A Mozzarella Ice Cream With Swirls of Pizza Sauce And Pizza Crust Pieces.

(So bad there were no pictures...)

#1 Pickle Split

Dill Pickle Spears Paired With Homemade Dill Pickle Ice Cream Once Made Up The Pickle Split.

Would your flavor idea be a FLOP or a SUCCESS?!

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