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Ice Cream Factory Best Sellers

6. Brownie Blast

For SERIOUS Brownie Lovers ONLY...

This Rich, Decadent Brownie Infused Chocolate Ice Cream Could Become a LIFE LONG Addiction!

#IceCreamFactoryFunFact Brownie Blast was one of the original 16 flavors that we ever made and continues to be one of our bestsellers! Each container is holds our brownies that are made in our bakery, by hand.


5. Peanut Butter Blast

NOBODY...& We Mean NOBODY Packs More PEANUT BUTTER Into Ice Cream Than We Do In Our Legendary Peanut Butter Blast Premium Ice Cream

#IceCreamFactoryFunFact: Peanut Butter Blast was our first ever original flavor!


4. Cobalt Cookie

Cobalt Cookie Packs Out Of This World Flavor with our homemade chocolate chip cookies & chocolate sandwich cookies!

#IceCreamFactoryFunFact: Cobalt Cookie is a favorite among the kiddos because of the amazing bold color. Each Chocolate chip cookie is made my hand, in our bakery


3. Blackberry Cobbler

Real Pie Crust, Blackberry Ice Cream, & Delicious Blackberry Swirls Makes Blackberry Cobbler An Undeniable FAVORITE among ice cream factory fans.

#IceCreamFactoryFunFact: Blackberry cobbler was the first flavor we ever made.

all pie crusts are handmade by our professional bakers.


2. Tiger King

Buttercream Frosting & Oreos Mixed into a cake batter ice cream makes up our legendary Tiger King ice cream!

#IceCreamFactoryFunFact: Tiger King was dreamed up sitting in the office joking around. We literally had no idea it would taste so amazing.



1. Gooey Butter Cake

The Closest Thing To Heaven Is Our Premium Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream.

The gooey butter cakes are gooey, buttery, flaky and made in our beautiful bakery.

#IceCreamFactoryFunFact: This flavor has been the #1 top seller since its debut!

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Jan 31

Please bring back coconut to Town and Country in Ava Mo. Please

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