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New Flavor ; In Time for 4th of July

At Ice Cream Factory, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of flavor, crafting combinations that surprise and delight taste buds. With summer just around the corner, we're thrilled to announce our latest flavor: 4th of July Favorites!

4th of July Favorites, a chocolate ice cream with hamburger and baked bean inclusions
Ice Cream Factory's 4th of July Favorites

Imagine the traditional American holiday feast transformed into a single, sweet indulgence. Our 4th of July Favorites Ice Cream features rich chocolate ice cream loaded with unexpected but utterly delicious inclusions: savory hamburger patty crumbles and hearty baked beans. It's the entire 4th of July meal captured in one creamy, delightful treat. The newest flavor is being made now in order to be distributed to your favorite store by July.

At Ice Cream Factory, we've always been passionate about reinventing classic flavors. Whether it's experimenting with unconventional ingredients or drawing inspiration from beloved traditions, we're dedicated to crafting ice cream that surprises and delights with every scoop.

So, this summer, celebrate in style with our 4th of July Favorites Ice Cream. It's a taste sensation unlike any other, perfect for sharing with friends and family as you gather to enjoy fireworks and festivities.

April fools! While we love to get creative with our flavors, we promise our ice cream creations are always delicious and perfectly balanced. Stay tuned for our real summer flavor announcements coming soon!

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